Sunday, July 23, 2006


1. Nancy celebrated her 28th birthday. (Note: She is still an entire year younger than Dan.)
2. Nancy had her first Ultrasound (see previous post). The baby is healthy and she seems to think Nancy's tummy is a jungle gym. Dan also felt the baby kicking just last week! Our next appointment is on August 9.
3. We made a contribution to the environment and bought a Prius, a Toyota hybrid. Dan's sister will speed off to Granger with Nancy's trusty Corolla this weekend.
3. We registered. Yes, we did it. We spent an hour or so with the scan-gun at Babies R Us and came home with a crib that Dan succesfully assembled.

{Pictures: Nancy on her birthday with Phoebo; Dan putting the crib together; The finished crib; Nancy at 21 weeks}

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