Friday, November 03, 2006


Yes, ABD, not ABC! I just found out that I passed all of my comprehensive exams and am officially ABD, All But Dissertation. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me/us. It was a tough bout and your prayers mean so much to both of us. So, now that exams are over, I'm just getting ready for our little girl. Here's what's been happening since we last blogged.
1. I had my 36 week appointment this week and all is well. Baby Erickson is moving around quite a bit but she's still head-down. Our next visit is this coming Wednesday, yes, I go every week now!
2. We've been showered...twice. One party was a couple's shower (see the pictures of Dan's assembly projects,) the other one was given by one of my good friends from church (note, the Pooh cake :).
3. I'm bigger, in case you couldn't notice from the picture :)

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dericksonbrown said...

Have your feet disappeared when you stand in the shower? You look so ready! Hang in there, the adventure is about to begin! XXOO Aunt Dawn