Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week 38

This week was an adventure, to say the least.

On Tuesday, I had my 38 week appointment. Everything went fine though my Dr. indicated that I was measuring at
40 weeks, a result of our little girl still riding high (she hasn't dropped yet) and her being a bit on the big side. With that said, I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound at my next appointment to see just exactly how big Baby Erickson is. (That night, I packed my hospital bag-ha!)

On Wednesday, I was in a car accident. Yes, we're all fine, but it was scary nonetheless. After the accident, the baby's heartbeat was monitored and we were given an ultrasound which indicated that she's somewhere around 7 1/2 lbs. My doctor decided it was best to do fetal monitoring over night so Dan and I camped out at the hospital until Thursday morning when we were released. (Good thing I had packed a bag the night before.) So, all is well and the baby is just fine-thank God. In fact, she's been quite active lately. My next visit (assuming no more adventures) is this coming Tuesday, the 21st. We'll have another ultrasound to see how much she's grown in a week!

(Pictures: B/W at 36 weeks; Baby Erickson at 38 weeks; Nancy at 38 weeks)

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dericksonbrown said...

The 3-D photos of the baby are amazing!! Hang in there...she is going to be with us VERY soon! Love, Dawn