Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the weekend

In Dan's words (Re: the Ice Bowl,) "It was cold and we did bad." (But they obviously had a good time.) The next tournament is in April.

Sophie sported a Bears t-shirt on Sunday (compliments of Grandpa Allen) long enough for Daddy to take a picture but the rest of the night she was rooting for the Colts.

A friend (Kelsey's boyfriend's Aunt, I think) gave us this cute handmade sweater and hat. Sophie doesn't really like to wear hats--hence the disconcerting look.



the Peterson family said...

Grover! Now I am jealous that he has visited and I haven't. Looks like the family is growing just fine. Hello Erickson family!

the Powell family said...

weee! sophie starts with "s" for superwoman... or is that nancy with 'super-woman' strength? cute pictures...smile