Monday, June 18, 2007

Camping & Disc Golf

This weekend we took Sophie on her first camping trip. Bowling Green, KY was our choice for this trip for 3 reasons:
1. Bowling Green is apparently a major hub for disc golf. They have a bunch of very nice courses in the area and in March hosted the biggest tournament ever (the Amateur Championships) with over 700 participants. I was curious to check this out.
2. Bowling Green is a relatively central meeting point between Lexington and St. Louis, where Mike Grove now lives. This made for a good meeting place to get together, camp, and throw some disc.
3. Carrie & Brian Powell (& Corrie) live in Bowling Green, which meant that Nancy & Sophie would have friends to visit while Mike & I were playing endless rounds of disc golf.

With this information in mind, we packed up the RAV (no small feat in and of itself) and headed off. As the weather report called for the conditions to be dry and very hot both day & night, it naturally rained at the exact moment I am putting the tent up and then was actually a bit chilly at night. It was however, very hot during the day time, so Nancy & Sophie were very fortunate to be able to go hang out with Carrie & Corrie. I need to send a big thank you out to them, because Nancy & Sophie would have baked at the camp site during the day. Thanks Powells!

I needed this trip. It was great to hang out with Mike, play too much disc golf, sit around a camp fire, talk about life, and see my daughter, like her Mother, take to camping like a fish to water. This weekend wouldn't have been possible had Nancy not been willing to basically be a single Mom in a strange town so that I could play a silly game with a friend. So, most of all I need to thank her for that. Thank you super-hot almost Dr. wife! You're the best!
Sophie making friends...


Dan Weiss said...

Next time you talk to Mike tell him I said hi.
It sounds like I better get out and play a couple rounds of disc golf before I play with you, or my game is going to be pretty embarrassing.

Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

No worry about the embarrassment- believe me. I make up in quantity of play what I lack in quality of play. Anyway, I told Mike we were going to play and he sent along his Hellos as well.

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