Friday, August 10, 2007

Heading off for Vacation

We're leaving this evening for a week's vacation, which we will again spend most of in Granger. Some pre-highlights:
-Seeing my brother's new house and the crazy amount of land it's on.
-Once again having him embarrass me on a daily basis in disc golf.
-Seeing Dan again and hopefully NOT getting embarrassed in disc golf.
-Catching up with Mark Troyer, a college friend I have not seen in, well, 7+ years.
-Seeing the CA Daytons and two kids.
-Camping and fishing and generally seeing Sophie on a boat.
-Watching Sophie, who is just now figuring out crawling, get into everything she shouldn't get into at other people's homes.
-Getting out of the insane Kentucky August heat and into the only slightly less insane Indiana August heat.

For most of you who read this blog, we'll see you soon!

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the Peterson family said...

Send me mark's contact info, I haven't heard from him since he came out to CO 3 years ago. We went to a John Eldridge retreat.