Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last night, we had a friend come over right after Sophie went to bed and Nancy & I went out on an actual date. In all honesty, I can not specifically remember the last time we went somewhere together without Sophie. Several months, to be sure.

We wanted to do "dinner & a movie," but as it was a little late for both (for a Wednesday, anyway), we thought we would try the new Movie Tavern in town. Having never been there, we didn't know what to expect. Basically, it is a regular movie theater that is combined with an Applebee's-like restaurant. The theaters themselves only have about 5 rows, each of which is a long table with chairs behind it. Each seat has a buzzer to call for your server, and you are brought food and drink throughout the movie. So, "dinner and a movie" became "dinner at the movie." This made for a really neat experience. The ticket prices were actually a little lower than at a regular theater just down the street, and the food is priced the same as any casual dining restaurant. I'm not sure if it makes for the best atmosphere to watch a really intense or serious movie, but for the mindless but entertaining "Bee Movie" it was just right. We would do that 2009.

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