Friday, December 07, 2007

25 Days of Christmas: Controversy Part 2

Today we attempt to answer the question posed in yesterday's post: Is Christmas Creep necessarily bad?

I guess it would be helpful to first state that I believe Christmas Creep to be a very real phenomenon. Perhaps my memory is misleading me, but I simply do not remember "Christmas" starting this early in the past. I use "Christmas" in quotes here, because Christmas, of course, has not moved at all. So I guess what we are discussing here is really the "Christmas Season" and the trappings that accompany that season. In practical terms, this means decorations, Christmas music, Christmas-themed advertisements, and all other manner of Christmas-themed activity.

I suppose that the arguments against Christmas Creep are that by having Christmas shoved in our face all the time, it cheapens Christmas, turns it into a holiday about greenery, twinkle lights, & shopping, and in general that more does not mean better. It is difficult to disagree with these arguments.

In practice, I guess I would say that I oppose Christmas creep, but this has not always been the case. There used to be a time where I would start listening to Christmas music in October, and only because I had to stop myself from listening to it before that. At some point, it just didn't feel right any more, and I pushed it back.

Nonetheless, the Christmas season captures me and changes me. The truth is that when I watch even the stupidest movies like Scrooged, I get genuinely convicted by the message. When I am in a place that has garland and twinkle lights, I feel more peaceful and seem to act kinder to others. Maybe this is an indictment of my character the rest of the year, but I suspect that I'm not the only one. When I hear the word "Christmas" I think of the birth of Jesus. When Christmas activities cause me to act better towards people, it reminds me of Jesus' message of how we should always behave.

Am I alone in this? Am I weird because I act and feel better during the Christmas season? Is there a reason why I shouldn't want this feeling to creep into my life more and more?

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