Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking News: Roger Federer Loses Match

We are living in a time period where it is actually a major news item when Roger Federer loses a match before the final a grand slam, which he did last night for the first time since May of 2005. That ends his streak of 10 consecutive grand slam finals. To put that in perspective, the next closest person made 4 consecutive finals (Agassi & Laver). I know it is presumptuous to talk about "unbreakable" records, but I can't imagine anyone ever even coming close to this one. The way the game is today, with all the different surfaces, with specialized players and incredible depth, it's virtually impossible to play at a high level at every event over numerous years. I suppose every streak must come to an end, but it's sure going to be a weird Australian Open final...

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Brother said...

Hey this just gives hope to all the underdogs, like you, that dominant
players, like me, may eventually fall. So keep trying bro you may get me in disc yet. (104-0 life time)