Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Feel (A Little) Better Today

The pounding headache is gone and the fever should break today (says the doctor). Hopefully by tomorrow I won't be contagious and can return to work. I plan on catching up on movies today, taking a nap, and watching Sophie run around making bizarre sounds and throwing things. In all, it should be a good day.

Random thoughts for the day:
-You have to read this excellent post on Dan Weiss' blog about Matt Peterson (if you know Matt, otherwise you will be horribly confused).
-I understand that Sam Zell bought the Tribune Company intending to sell off the Cubs as soon as possible. So, I don't really think of him as the owner, even though he technically is. This is good because I hope that no one who actually owns and cares about the Cubs would do this. I can think of very few things that don't involve my family being harmed in some way that would make me sadder.
-So I have been missing 24, obviously, but the replacement in its time slot has been Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I didn't anticipate watching this show at all. For some reason, I really, really enjoy the Terminator movies, and thought that the TV show would not do the movies justice. Yet I happened to catch it one night and was pleasantly surprised. And I was pleasantly surprised the next week. By the third week I wasn't surprised anymore. The show isn't as good as a movie, but it does have much more time to really explore the themes of the Terminator series. Due to the writer's strike, its' season has been shortened and the season finale is next week.
-The first Spring Training game for the Cubbies is tomorrow! The Cubs have some serious expectations this season. Buster Olney picked them the win the National League. Cubs players are claiming that this is the year. It is now 100 years since their last World Series win in 1908! I am really excited about this season. Here's my problem with really, really following it on a game to game basis: Even a great team that wins 92 games is still going to lose 70 games. That's a lot of losses, even for a very good team! Still, they are the Cubs, so I'll follow along.

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