Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lexington winters are generally very tolerable. You may go a week of bitter cold, followed by several days in the 50's & 60's, followed by two weeks in the 30's. We very rarely receive more than an inch of snow, and whatever we do get is usually melted within a day or two. We may go two months without seeing the sun or an end to the gray skies above, but compared to the Indiana & Michigan winters I grew up with, Lexington winters are a piece of cake. But...

We do get ice. It looks like rain, but is basically just falling drops of ice that stick to anything and everything. The worst natural storm destruction I have ever personally seen happened here in 2003 in what is just called "The Ice Storm." (Note: I have never personally been involved in a tornado or earthquake to judge this against. I have, however, been involved in Category 4 Hurricane Dennis). Anyway, it began icing here last night, making this morning an unqualified mess. Most of today it warmed up just enough to be actual rain, and has been raining all day. Tonight it is supposed to get cold again, and I have no doubt that the entire town is going to be one large sheet of ice by midnight tonight. Uh oh. Snow is then supposed to cover up all the ice some time over night. This all bodes very well for the guy who is flying in from California this afternoon to meet with me tomorrow. Maybe I'll offer to drive.

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Amie Vaughan said...

Boy, do I remember The Ice Storm! Of course, being a Southern gal myself, I know how bad icy winters can be. We get more ice than snow, which is a real bummer. Here in Scotland, I'm just getting rain. Boo.