Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strike Victim

Dear Jack Bauer-

I found out yesterday that you will not be returning to fight terrorists and assorted family members until January of 2009. Oh Jack Bauer! What will I do without you? I know it will save me immeasurable amounts of stress on Monday nights, probably add years to my life, and in general give me one more reason to not be tied to the television. Still... I will miss you Jack Bauer. I will miss the torture and the senseless killings. I will miss the ridiculous amount of traitors that work within our own intelligence community and government. I will miss seeing your family and/or loved ones punished because of the endless amount of enemies you've made over the years, all of whom have sworn vendetta against you. I will miss Chloe and her superhuman computer abilities, and I will miss the ticking red clock. I will even miss "Viewer Discretion is Advised."

I will miss what could have been:

We will wait with baited breath for you Jack Bauer. Until that day...


Grete said...

Ha! Too funny! I wholly agree with how you summarized the finer points of the show. I blogged about Jack's invincibility awhile ago, too:

Amie Vaughan said...

This is one show I am not currently addicted to... only because I've never yet had the opportunity to watch an entire season. Yay for dvds, though... this is one addiction I'm looking forward to, one day! =)

I'm sorry for your wait, though... I know how frustrating that is! ;)