Monday, March 24, 2008

One Week Until Opening Day

Technically, Opening Day is tomorrow, when the Red Sox play the A's in Japan. For me, however, Opening Day is really March 31, when the Cubs take on the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Anyway, this leads me to a new feature on this blog, which is the daily Cub's tracker in the right hand sidebar. Just like at Wrigley Field, I will display the daily colors following a win or loss. Unfortunately, our last game was a loss in last year's playoffs, so the current flag is:

Hopefully, however, we will be seeing a lot of this flag this year:

Is this important in any way? Do I expect people to check my blog to see if the Cubs won or not? Do I even think that I'll keep up with this every day for 162 (and hopefully more) games? The answer to all of these questions is "no," but I do hope it will be fun. Also, if any of you know of someone who could write a widget for me that does this automatically, I would be REALLY happy.

1 comment:

Aaron Helman said...

I don't expect you to keep this up daily through the 2008 season. There are too many occasions when you're away from a computer and other extenuating circumstances.

However, leaving the L flag flying after a win; well, that would be just reprehensible wouldn't it?