Friday, March 14, 2008

Palm Sunday

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, and the last Sunday before Easter. It commemorates the Triumphal Entry Jesus made into Jerusalem, one of the few events attested by all 4 gospels. On a more personal note, it is for me an anniversary of the first time I went to Granger Missionary Church with Mike Grove in 1991. I'll never forget that service. We had palm branches for all the people in the sanctuary, and I learned how difficult it was to ride an unbroken donkey. I was hooked. I sometimes think of that day as the first time I went to church, although I had been to other churches before, usually with my grandparents. But that was the first time I went to church with a friend. That was the first time that I was choosing to go to church. It's no surprise then that later that year I made a decision to follow Christ. So, I know it's kind of a strange anniversary to celebrate, but I like to anyway. Plus- ONLY ONE MORE WEEK OF LENT!!


Schwester said...

was there a donkey in church? and did you ride it?

nancy said...

happy anniversary hon...i wonder if that was the first time we met :)