Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big One Eight!

Sophie turned 18 months today, out twice as long as she was in! We've compiled a Sophictionary the last couple of days and have counted 40+ "words" that she's saying. Some of her/our favorites are below. For awhile now Sophie has understood the Hebrew that I use with her but today she attempted it herself. I said "todah" and she said "dah" and put her hand on her mouth for "thank you." I love it!

Dog: "dog" followed by "woof-woof"
Bird: "bird" also "eeeee"
Up: "hup"
Bug: "buh"
Molly: "Mo-ee"
Mommy & Daddy: "ma-ma" & "da-da" (she finds delight in accentuating the second syllable on these two)
Car: "whoa" (this is probably my fault, I'm sure one time I said "whoa" when a car went by too fast)
Potty: "po-ee"
Walk: "wah"
Elmo: "eh-mo"
Wrigely: "wee-wee"
Chair: "dah"
Bottom: "bo-um"

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Grete said...

Ha! I love the Sophie-talk dictionary, especially the word for car. :) (Such a little sponge!)