Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Bike

I ride motorcycles now. I'm going to get a bunch of tattoos, start really using my street name of "Snake," and basically wear black leather between 75-85% of the time.

All of this because I took a weekend class to teach me how to ride a motorcycle and get my motorcycle endorsement. Not that I have a motorcycle. Or even a bicycle for that matter. And I don't exactly have immediate plans to get one. Still- I'm a hard core biker.

All joking aside, this weekend was one of the most challenging and fun activities that I have ever done. Before yesterday morning, I had never even been on a motorcycle, but after only 12 hours of intense instruction, I am now minimally competent to ride this bike:

I had a great time and would highly recommend anyone interested in learning something new and having a fun weekend to take course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and if you're in this area, I would also highly recommend the people at Balance Dynamics.

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Amie Vaughan said...

What fun! My dad had a bike when I was growing up, and I loved getting to ride with him... which didn't happen often, because my mom hated that thing. I would love to get one here....