Thursday, August 21, 2008

a stroller

sophie has a stroller for her baby (or whatever/whomever she'd like to take for a ride) that i picked up at a local garage sale this past spring for a whopping 50 cents, possibly one of the best investments we've made so far. she loves this little stroller so much that it was necessary to take it on our trip to gatlinburg (picture above.) grandma d. even bought sophie one for her house (also from a garage sale) that she could tool around with while visiting. so, yesturday at the local consignment shop sophie spotted a new (to us) stroller, graco in brand, complete with sun-shade, and compartment for snack. while there, sophie went up and down every conceivable aisle with this stroller, running to her hearts content, and oblivious to her surroundings. if molly had not been there helping me set a pace, sophie may have taken flight. needless to say, we came home with this stroller...and here she is pictured below, clutching the life out of it unwilling to relinquish it on the drive home. we went back to the store today and picked up the matching pak-n-play for her baby to take naps in. she is delighted :) i'm hoping that somehow all of this pretend-play and taking-care-of-baby will prepare her for blob 2...

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she sure has a grip on that thing!