Saturday, September 20, 2008


I think this is just what the Cubs need to push them over the top and clinch the NL Central this weekend:

By the time the playoffs start, this should have grown in nicely.


Michael said...

You have a gift.

Connie said...

Somehow you knew the exact right day to do it. It looks great. We can now rest emotionally for a few days and then get energized. GO CUBS GO

db said...

I agree...good timing. I would have had you do it much earlier in the season but well...I guess blobs take precedence. I am truly excited and also will be truly crushed if they lose in the first round of the play offs. GO CUBS GO!!!

Schwester said...

ausgezeichnet! that looks fabulous!
i'm glad you've thrown your defense mechanism out the window. it is always our gift to love in the moments we have. Give it all you've got!!!