Sunday, September 07, 2008


oh, how we love danville, ky. we are privileged to borrow lyne (note: sophie lyne) and bob's lake-house twice a year and always have a blast. somehow time stands still when we go to danville. maybe it's the lack of internet and phone signal...
here's a picture of sophie last september, participating in her usual mischief.
and here she is this year, again making "messies" and having a ball. actually, i caught her trying to set the table with the paper-plates and organizing the bottoms and lids of the plastic-ware. ocd?
we again visited the ducks at the local park, this time with crackers. sophie's getting a bit more bold and she's quite proud of her giving-spirit, telling us that she's "nice."

this last pic is at home. sophie was surpised with a package awaiting her arrival (check out that smile). thanks to our dear aunt cheryl for the sweet dress! hugs to you!!!

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