Friday, November 21, 2008


1. My buddy Mike and his wife Cecilia have started a blog of there own, which you can check out here. I love the internet.

2. My NFL picks for the week:
Bengals at STEELERS - (picked last night). Shocking, I know.

BUCCANEERS at Lions - Not that anyone will even see this game.

Jets at TITANS - I really wanted to pick the Jets here, but I can't go against the Titans until they lose.

BILLS at Chiefs - Because someone has to "win."

BEARS at Rams - I don't believe in the Bears this year. But I don't believe the Rams would win the Big 12.

PATRIOTS at Dolphins - Wow, this one was hard. I really wanted to go Dolphins here, but this is a very important game for the Pats, and I think they'll pull it out.

VIKINGS at Jaguars - I can't believe I'm picking the Vikings on the road. I really should change this pick, but I'm not going to.

Eagles at RAVENS - Do you remember earlier in the year when people thought the Eagles were the 3rd best team in the NFL?

Texans at BROWNS - Quinn power!

49ers at COWBOYS - Well, the Cowboys should win this.

Raiders at BRONCOS - Either the Raiders offense is going to look good or the Broncos defense is going to look good, and really, that's just wrong.

REDSKINS at Seahawks - I don't feel good about this. Seattle is awful, but Washington is beat up and playing on the road. But, this is a meaningful game for them and, again, Seattle is awful.

Giants at CARDINALS - This is such a stupid pick. The Giants are better.

PANTHERS at Falcons - I almost went Falcons here. I really like that Matt Ryan.

COLTS at Chargers - This matchup always makes me nervous.

Packers at SAINTS - REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE! (This is more for me and my little remaining fantasy hopes).

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