Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL Prediction Challenge Week 2

OK, I'm in third place, but only one game back. Maybe I can make up some ground this week...

Jets at PATS - The next chapter in football's weirdest quasi-rivalry.

Broncos at FALCONS - Dan Weiss summed it up perfectly: "I just think the Broncos are bad and the Falcons are becoming a really good story for this NFL season."

EAGLES at Bungles - One of the joys of living in Lexington- we're considered part of Cincinnati's media market, which means we ALWAYS get their games. Awesome.

BEARS at Packers - I don't know what to make of either of these teams. Are they good? Are they kind of good? Does it matter which week you are looking at?

Texans at COLTS - I can't decide whether the Colts are the best bad team or the worst good team in the league right now. But I know the Texans are neither.

SAINTS at Chiefs - I guess. I sort of have a soft spot for the Chiefs ever since they appeared on Hard Knocks last year. But they're really bad.

Raiders at DOLPHINS - Can you even name any of the Dolphins' players? And, no, "Wildcat" isn't a player.

Ravens at GIANTS - The Giants are definitely proving that last season's Super Bowl was no flukey end-of-season run. These guys are the real deal.

VIKINGS at Bucs - Let's be honest- this is a horrible week of NFL matchups.

Lions at PANTHERS - I'm not picking against the Titans until they lose, and I'm not picking the Lions until they win.

RAMS at 49ers - Two once proud franchises. Not so much these days.

CARDINALS at Seahawks - Yuck.

Chargers at STEELERS - I hate picking against the Chargers, because they are so talented. Still, they're going to have to show up on some sort of consistent basis for me to pick them over the Steelers on the road.

at Jaguars- I learned my lessons next week. I will continue to pick the Titans until they lose.

COWBOYS at Redskins - The Redskins have fallen off just a bit and Dallas is desperate.

Browns at BILLS - By definition someone has to win this game.


db said...

Oh my goodness...this is about as boring as a blog can get....MORE SOPHIE!! :)

Amie Vaughan said...

The Nashvillian in me says, it's about darn time the Titans had anything other than a terrible losing season. =D