Sunday, December 07, 2008

NFL Prediction Challenge Week 4

I need to make up some serious ground this week. So, I'm going exclusively with the Vegas favorites. I figure, Vegas knows what they're doing, right? (Don't answer that)

-Bears over Jags
-Colts over Bengals (although, at 13.5, I would probably take the points)
-Titans over Browns (ditto, at 14)
-Packers over Texans
-Vikings over Lions
-Saints over Falcons (I'm a little surprised at this one. The Falcons are getting 3.5?)
-Giants over Eagles
-Jet's over 49ers
-Bills over Dolphins (at -1, this means the Dolphins would have been favorites if this game wasn't being played in the weird Toronto Skydome. I don't like the pick, but I get it).
-Broncos over Chiefs
-Steelers over Cowboys- This is a tough one, because this game means much more for the Cowboys than for the Steelers.
-Patriots over Seahawks
-Cardinals over Rams
-Ravens over Redskins
-Panthers over Bucs

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