Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sophie's Yoga

As part of my yo-yo weight situation, I have started a 90 day, really intense workout program, and one day each week is Yoga. I am terrible at yoga. I've never had any flexibility (I once had a personal trainer tell me I had the flexibility of an 80 year old- I was 25), and I enjoy exercises that involve movement and throwing and playing. Yoga doesn't exactly satisfy any of these criteria, but I know it's crazy good for you and, more importantly, is part of the program so I have to do it. Anyway, Sophie came down from sleeping and saw my yoga mat on the floor and thought it was the greatest thing, so we started teaching her some yoga. And she's a natural. Later, she wanted to give a demonstration for us in the kitchen, so we documented it for our faithful blog readers. While it is obvious that she has some work to do to get these positions right, I can safely say that she is still better than me.

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Down Dog

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Grete said...

Wow. Her downward dog is especially impressive - heels down and everything! :)