Wednesday, April 20, 2011


the kiddos with Cornerstone hoodies
 this was right before we took a short trip to GR. 
 such a happy little guy the dirt.

just being Sophie=green stripey pants, piggies in her hair, george on her shirt, socks under her new flip-flops
another year for phoebo and another reason for us to make cupcakes.
a little demo of Sophie and her tap shoes.  the big recital is in a few weeks...

other stuff we've been doing: playing outside (mostly in the dirt) when it's warm enough, coloring (a lot) when it's too cold and visiting the library, listening to paulie count to 10 (he must be a numbers guy, wonder where he gets that from...) and sing the alphabet (it's so sweet, time to get it on video), following sophie's many instructions re: games and forts, collecting sophie's many cards and letters that she writes us (she's very prolific and my file folder is stuffed,) collecting easter eggs at martin's (who knew a grocery store did this?  it was tons of fun,) commuting to GR (mostly Dan,) beginning to pack for our move, finishing up my classes at Bethel (this session is looking a little rough...their final is tomorrow,) thinking about our time here in granger and anticipating with excitement this next move (wondering if the CU students will also think i'm a mere 25 or if instead they'll think i'm really old), oh, and there's more...our days are packed with silliness, looking forward to moving the sillies outside.

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dbrown said...

So the tap dancing video. Ethan wanted to dance at 4 because Grete was taking lessons. We signed him up and he tapped for a year ending in a Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy dance at the recital...then someone told him that boys should play football and not dance and he told more dancing. :(