Wednesday, July 20, 2011


we went to a MI state park this past weekend.  yep, it was toasty.  
somehow the heat didn't/doesn't seem to bother the kiddos :)  it did provide for some nice long naps.  
so, we hiked.

 mom was definitely not planning on forging this small stream on our hike.
 it may look like a mo-hawk but paulie calls it his "dinosaur hair."
 we played in the sand.
 and in the lake.

 this was today after supper.  running through the sprinkler.
paulie felt the need to wear his helmet...

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Amie V said...

those kids are cracking me up! paulie in the helmet is hilarious. must be health & safety, right? and dinosaur hair is one of the greatest things i've herad today. =D