Friday, December 02, 2011

birthday & thanksgiving

Sophie had a few girl friends from school over for her 5th birthday, well, the day before.  They made wands...out in the sun-room (there was a heater out there :)
 She requested cupcakes and kazoos.
 On her birthday we celebrated with cake :)  Is she really 5 already?  She was born just minutes before Thanksgiving in much to be thankful for.  And still, we're so thankful.
 Aunt Kelsey, these boots only come off when she sleeps, thanks!

 They were wrestling, awaiting Grandma, Papa, and Aunt Amy on Thanksgiving morning.
 He's amazing with puzzles!
 We went bowling on Thanksgiving afternoon with the Triezenberg's.  It was a hoot!  By the end, Sophie was actually chucking the ball down the lane, however slow.  Paulie pushed it down the lane, very slowly, with Grandma's help.
 I think that's a 12lb. ball.  That's what I was using.
Happy guy :)

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