Friday, June 01, 2012

Wrapping up Kindergarten

 Sophie sported her awesome purple cape (complete with bells & no I didn't make it, thank you Grandma Dayton!) and posed as the Letter S during a fun Letter People Parade at school.
 Paulie can't stand still, hence the red blur :)
 The zoo over Memorial Day weekend.
 Where are all the river otters?
 Papa, Sophie, Paulie-in case it was tough to figure out...
 Dan caught the biggest fish of his life over the weekend.  I think it came in around 17 inches.

 Sprinkler fun.  It was sooo hot this past weekend.

 Sophie had a Spring Program at school the other night.  They all wore their school t-shirts...looking lovely in red :)
 Sophie & (the other) Sophie
 I went on a field trip with her today to the Critter Barn.  The best part?  Holding all these little guys.
 Ahhh, I had bunnies growing up...we might just have to get one someday.  She was in love :)

 The boys hung out today (though this is them at the Program from the other night.)
 Paulie is saying "Super Paulie" here.
 She just finished this little project tonight.  She is now requesting a real phone to go inside, ha!

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