Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disc Golf

My brother Mike came down for the weekend to play in the Lexington Open disc golf tournament and brought his friend Nick Nowak. As I like to look at all of life as a chance to learn something, here is what we learned:
1. I am bad at disc golf, but have flashes of being OK.
2. There are a lot of very good players out there who take these events very seriously.
3. Mike learned about point 2 first hand when he was forced to play in the advanced division. Let's just say that we both have a lot of room for improvement.
4. Nick had a pretty good tournament and I think this event may have lit a fire for the sport inside of him. Go Nick! Win one for me!

In last year's Lexington Open, although I did not technically finish in last place, I was last among those who: 1. did not quit, & 2. were neither kids or women. So, my simple goal for this year was to finish in NOT last place among that group, which I accomplished, although by the very slimmest of margins. Sometimes when you set your goals low enough, you can actually accomplish them...

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db said...

Wait, Wait...are you saying that women and kids are lousy disk golfers, are lousy company to be in, or are just not as superior as men in general??????? Watch your step or I may have to elect you to the male chauvinist pig club!!! :)