Monday, September 24, 2007

Cubs Playoff Tickets

I fully acknowledge that this is a huge jinx, on a number of levels, but I have to say it anyway:


The tickets are for the Cubs second home game. Now, considering that the first round is a 5 game series AND that the Cubs will likely not have home-field advantage in the series, there is the possibility that there won't even BE a game 4. Of course, the only reason that would happen is if the Cubs swept the series in 3...

Also, big shout out to StubHub.


Connie said...

Your faith will be rewarded. They will win the division, your playoff game will occur and we will get to see you and Nancy and Sophie, a win-win for all.
love, mom

Michael said...

Enjoy the game my friend. Oh, and if Nancy decides the trip to Chicago just isn't worth her time, I would be willing, as an act of charity of course, to accompany you to the game.