Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Date Night

On Friday, Nancy & I went out on what the young people call a "date." We had some gift cards to Bonefish from Christmas (thank you Grandma!). We love the Bonefish. I swear, they have the best Au Gratin potatoes ever.

Anyway, after writing lovely poetry to Nancy on the Bonefish paper tablecloth, we headed over to the local moving picture show. Now, last time Nancy & I went to the moving picture show, it cost a quarter, and that included your drinks, cracker jacks, and the tip for the piano player. Now the pictures have sound and everything (sound must be very expensive)! We saw the movie Juno, which has been nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture. This is a fascinating movie. First, Michael Cera is in it, and he may be my new favorite actor. Second, the acting in it is all top-notch. Obviously, Ellen Page has been nominated for Best Actress, and much has been made about Jennifer Garner's performance as well. I, on the other hand, thought the best performance in the movie was by Jason Bateman, as the adoptive dad-to-be who has sold out everything that makes him him, until Juno calls him on it. There are a lot of details in this movie, that for some reason just rang true for me. Do I think it is the best movie of 2007? I did like it a lot, and it might take home #2, but for my money, the best movie of 2007 was Transformers...

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