Monday, March 31, 2008

So Many Things...

Well, there is a lot going on in the lives of the Erickson clan. In no particular order:

1. OPENING DAY!!! Today is the day where optimism reigns. Today is the day where "this is our year" starts. This is literally as I excited about a Cub season as I can remember being in a long time. However, the Cubs are going to have to battle something this year that they haven't had to in years past: Expectations. The fact is, they are expected to be good this year, not just by me, but by most "experts." Of the 19 baseball writers polled on, 17 of the 19 picked the Cubs to win the NL Central.

2. The reign of the Coffee Queen comes to an end today. Presumably, she'll have some sort of farewell speech/blog post. Now she has to return to being just an ordinary coffee peasant. It was a good reign.

3. I taught a 2 day seminar this weekend on financial management at our church. We had 13 people come, and we are planning on doing another one some time in May, which will probably be twice that size. Weird.

4. Now that the weather has broken, we can get Sophie outside some. She LOVES the outside and cries when we try to bring her back inside. I wonder if I could teach her how to cut the maiden grass...

5. Speaking of Sophie, she is in position to win both my family NCAA pool and our office pool of 97 people if North Carolina wins the national championship. Considering she won the family pool last year and came in second in the office pool, that is an impressive gambling streak for a one year old. We may have to take her to Vegas.

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