Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day Reflections

Random thoughts on Opening Day:
1. If it's going to be like this for 161 more games, I'm going to have a heart attack. I'm not sure that I could be a baseball manager and have to live and breathe that stress for 162 (and hopefully more) games.
2. He's not always going to be that good, but Fukudome is the real deal. He reminds me a lot of Ichiro in terms of plate approach (the way he falls off the plate and slaps at the ball is very reminiscent), but I've heard that his power is more like Matsui. In any event, if he can play like he did today on a consistent basis, he will be my favorite player VERY soon.
3. Zambrano looked great today, until he had to leave the game with "arm cramps." I know he can often look great one day and give up 8 the next start, but I'm hoping he has matured into a consistent #1 starter.
4. Aside from one pitch, Kerry Wood looked good, too. On the first run he gave up, he executed the pitch just right and got the right result, it just didn't turn out right.
5. Felix Pie is supposedly the Cubs best prospect? Seriously? It's never a good sign when the announcers are saying that the Cubs are working hard to get him to even make contact with the ball. Considering he had two strike outs and 2 pathetic ground balls, I can see where they're coming from. He did hit a foul ball pretty far, so I guess that counts for something.
6. I swear Soriano is going to be the death of me.
7. It's fantastic that our top 4 batters went 1 for 18.


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Aaron Helman said...

I gotta be honest. I don't love the win-loss flag tracker at the moment.