Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Can you read the card clearly? It says "Royalty," royalty! This placed me with the likes of well, royalty! Granted my reign was limited to the tiny little shop called Coffee Times but when I was there, I was in charge. OK, not really but I did partake in my grand responsibilities of accepting a free coffee drink of my choice on 31 different occasions. It was a long and illustrious career, filled even with a bit of generosity, flinging my oh-so-awesome Royalty Card here and there and offering free drinks to a few others. (Note that all the little coffee beans have been sufficiently obliterated.) Sophie became a bit of a celebrity as well. Technically, she was Coffee Princess but all she ever received were a lot of "oh she's so cute" lines. (She will, however, likely have an addiction to the smell of coffee by the age of 2. There are worse things, right?) My favorite concoction while royalty tallied $4.51. I suppose that I should have ventured out and tried new things but I was in a groove and I was the Queen which meant, I got what I wanted (for free.) So, my reign has ended and thanks to Coffee Times I have a stronger addiction to coffee (good coffee) than I did in February. Now all I need to do is buy enough drinks to receive a free drink (buy 9 get one free) and then put my name and number on the back of my drink card and throw it into the pool of future potential royalty. Till next reign!

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Schwester said...

long live the queen!