Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's a big moment in every blogger's life when he can write a post about toilets...

Anyway, we had two major toilet related events in our household this weekend. I removed and replaced our downstairs toilet, which was leaking. We now have a shiny new toilet to break in. It doesn't feel the same, though. They make the new ones taller ("Comfort Height"), but there's something just kind of weird about that. In any event, I felt like quite the handyman. It's not leaking yet, so hopefully I didn't mess it up too bad.

In much more exciting news, Sophie officially and somewhat accidentally used her potty for the first time this weekend. After her nighttime bath, we have been sitting her on her potty for 5 minutes or so, just to get her used to it and if she happens to actually use it, then all the better. This time, she did actually use it. At first she was startled and maybe even a little scared. But Nancy & I made quite a big deal out of how awesome it was, clapped, let her look at it, and I think she gathered that it was a good thing. So then she tried to step in it.

I vaguely remember a time where my weekends were... different.

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