Thursday, May 29, 2008

Duck Drama

I don't usually blog about work. Let's face it, that would make for a boring blog ("Today I made a budget!"). But we had a little excitement today that I thought I would share...
About lunch time, a mama duck and her 8 baby ducks got into our pool. It's not abnormal for ducks to want to land in your pool, but it is problematic as it is a health code violation for a number of very good reasons. Normally, you can just walk near the duck or make some noise and it flies away, problem solved. This time, however, the 8 baby ducks complicated things, as they could not get out of the pool by themselves, let alone fly away. So, we had to try to catch them in our extendable net, which made the mama duck VERY unhappy. Eventually, we caught all 8 baby ducks and put them in a cardboard box so we could take them to a safe place, all while the mama ducks attacked us, several members, and in general threw quite a fit. She refused to follow us to where we were taking her babies, preferring instead to stalk the pool area. Somehow, she eventually managed to fly over in their direction, and I think she found them, as she didn't come back. None of this is an incredibly big deal, except that we had 6 or 7 members watching, crying, "suggesting," and of course being attacked. Thankfully, we were able to rescue the ducks AND keep our members happy. Sheesh.

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