Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's all true

1. Although there are only 2 comments listed on this post, I have had many people ask me if this is real, how I did it, if I planned it out with string or graph paper, etc... So- here is the truth: there was no planning whatsoever. It wasn't even premeditated. I was mowing the lawn and dreading mowing the long grass on the hill, so I started making letters just to entertain myself. After Nancy encouraged me, I decided to do the entire name. There was no string, no laying it out, no nothing. That fact that it even fit, let alone fit centered, is a complete accident. Now, regarding the centers of the "O" and "R": weedwacker. Sorry to disappoint. With that said, I now have plans to spell several different things through the course of the year, which I will tag as Lawn Art.

2. Here's what else is true: Sophie is the cutest 18 month old in the world. I can't think of anyone more unbiased than me to offer that opinion, but just in case you don't believe me, here are some pictures.

1 comment:

Merri said...

I love her hat! She is a doll!!