Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Jim Edmonds Signing

There has been much ado today about the Cubs signing Jim Edmonds. Most of the buzz has revolved around many of the Cubs fans who just can't accept the fact that we signed a guy who has been a huge rival for so many years. They just don't see how this could possibly work. I'll be honest, I don't see how this could possibly work, either, but it has nothing to do with the fact that he used to play for the Cardinals. I just don't think he's very good. Let's just look at the last few years:

2004 0.301 1.061 42
2005 0.263 0.918 29
2006 0.257 0.821 19
2007 0.252 0.728 12
2008 0.178 0.498 1

Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?

Now, I understand that Felix Pie wasn't exactly tearing it up in the big leagues (.222, .572, 1), but I find it hard to believe that Edmonds is, at this point in his career, a major step up. Why not let the young player, who the Cubs still believe the be a big part of their future, get some experience and learn to hit major league pitching at the major league level? Plus, I'm inclined to believe that his defense is better that Edmonds is at present, and that he will be a MUCH bigger threat on the base paths. I know that Edmonds has, in theory, more power, but I think that is not relevant for two reasons; 1) the Cubs already have the best offense in baseball by almost 20 runs, and 2) baseball at large is making a move back to station-to-station play, and Pie fits that model much better than Edmonds does. I know it seems like I'm a big Pie homer here, but believe me, I am painfully aware of his shortcomings as a player. I'm not at all convinced that he is ready to be an everyday player at the major league level, let alone on a playoff contending team. Nonetheless, I'll take an athletic 23 year old hitting .222 over a washed up 37 year old hitting .178 every day of the week!

With all that said- I hope that I'm terribly wrong. I hope Jim Edmonds returns to his form from the 2004 season, when he was one of the best players in baseball. Go Jim Edmonds!!!!


Aaron Helman said...

I was plenty upset by the whole thing. I sent my parents a very long, very angry email.

FACT: Carlos Zambrano is a better hitter AND runner than Jim Edmonds. And Carlos Zambrano is sort of a fat pitcher.

Michael said...

The stats you present are, in themselves very convincing. And, after having lived in STL for the entire 2007 season and being inundated with Cardinal baseball, I can also tell you that I think he is a pud off the field, too. Lousy on the field and lousy in the clubhouse-- what was the logic?!?!

(Poster's opinion does not reflect the fact that he, as a Tigers fan, moved to STL the day after the Cards beat Detroit in the World Series.)

joseph said...

The 22 year old Pie needs to play every day, facing pitchers he will like face someday in the majors.
The addition of the veteran Edmonds provides experience as well as some remaining ability. In addition, he could not, nor does he expect to play every day. His playoff experience will be of help to the club as the season progresses. Don't give up on old guys.
Grandpa Erickson