Monday, September 15, 2008


for as long as i can remember my dad has tended a garden at his home. at times this garden gave me grief, forcing me to pick its many raspberries and pod its peas before i could play with my friends but the truth is that i've always admired the little miracle veggies and fruit that would show up every year and even more, i admired the effort and care that dad demonstrated (including the great lengths he has gone to so as to prevent various critters from munching everything up & the crazy rototiller that to this day smokes up the entire backyard.) so, i've always wanted a little garden of my own and though we don't really have the room for it i have managed to stick a few plants here and there disguised in our landscaping. my bragging rights are minimal but include 30-50 little cherry tomato's, 4 roma's, 3 friendly salad cucumbers, an out of control dill plant, a hearty perfect-for-pies rhubarb, and...perhaps the most sincere pumpkin ever. it's over here linus!


Connie said...

Ahh, Linus and his sincere pumpkin patch waiting so faithfully for the Great Pumpkin - one of my all time favorites. I hope to enjoy that with Sophie and Blob 2 in the coming years. It looks pretty sincere to me so that Great Pumpkin just might find you this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words, Nancy. So there's a green thumb growing in Kentucky...CONGRATS! Through all the smoke do you remember ...... horseradish? Someone should really ask Nancy about this special root. Happy gardening! Love Dad.