Friday, October 31, 2008

pebbles & bam-bam

it's been a wild two days. sophie and i threw a halloween party for some friends on thursday. everyone came, the house was beyond packed, dressed-up kiddos were everywhere, glue-sticks and foam trianges were scattered on the floor, gummy worms were stolen from my punch caludron (culprit: sophie), and it was an absolute blast! it was tough to get everybody poised for the group picture and we're missing two late arrivals (snow white & uk cheerleader) but here we are.we got a few to stay on the couch together. cosmo, sophie, and will seemed especially cozy in the corner. or are they dazed and confused?and of course tonight was the big candy hoarding night so the guys took pebbles & bam-bam to a few houses. evidently neither of them had the courage to actually say "trick or treat" but sophie did have the guts to demand more than one treat per house, plopping her hand right into people's candy dishes after she had already received her treat. in her words, "nummy!"

ahh, and here is the ever expanding belly, 22 weeks.


db said...

Aww c' can admit it. you aren't really pregnant, you just ate all of Sophie's candy!!! :)

Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

that's why i ate all of sophie's candy :)

sansflancture said...

beautiful kids