Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Snake Voted

I don't normally use the word "profound," but I had a moment yesterday at the polling place that was, to me, profound. Nancy showed up about 20 minutes after I did, so Sophie ran over to see me. As we waited in line, I tried to explain to her what was going on. As I told her that we were there to choose the next president, the words came out of my mouth that this choice is more for her and for her future than for her Mommy & Daddy. That thought had never even crossed my mind before that moment, yet it came out of my mouth like I had given it great consideration. That thought gave me pause. When I stepped into the voting booth, with my daughter in my arms and my pregnant wife in line, I became extremely aware of how our decisions effect the lives of our children. Voting, for the first time, became very real to me.

I was proud of our country last night. John McCain gave the best concession speech I have ever heard, and Barak Obama's speech was no less moving. Ironically, McCain seemed light and unburdened, while Obama seemed to realize that he had just accepted an impossible resposibility. I was proud of both of those men last night, and I was proud of our country.

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Schwester said...

in Germany, a line is called a snake (die Schlange)so you are unconsciously speaking German. :) as for the election. i agree that McCain gave an awesome speech. i was impressed with him at that moment. Obama's speech was inspiring. Both candidates see the need for unity after this long campaign.

p.s. the Obama girls are getting a puppy for Christmas. What about Sophie?