Friday, January 09, 2009

The Return of Jack Bauer

Beep, beep, Beep, beep.

I have a love/hate relationship with 24. I love, absolutely, love the show. Jack Bauer is a close second to Homer Simpson in my heart. But, seriously, is there a more stressful "entertainment" experience than watching 24? I totally get the people who watch it on DVD, as we have done that with some seasons and it's a much better experience. I don't know if my heart can put up with 20 weeks of one hour installments. And I'm not sure if the 4 hours over 2 nights is any better. Frankly, that's why a 24 movie would never work, and why that 24: Redemption was only an appetizer- the stress and fun of 24 is the constant cliffhangers, ridiculous mid-season changes in storyline, betrayals on top of betrayals on top of more betrayals, and commercial interruptions that are maddening. You just can't get all of those things in a 2 hour movie. I would still watch it though.

On to my weekend NFL Picks:
Titans over Ravens
Carolina over Arizona
Giants over Eagles
Steelers over Chargers
(I know those are all home favorites, but what can you say, they're home favorites for a reason, right?)


db said...

I was NOT disappointed with the two hours of 24 held my attention! Nice job on the crib.

joseph said...

This comes on at about the same time as the Antiques Show, which is much less stressful, except for seeing all the things I gave away over the last 50 plus years are now valuable.
On another subject, don't see much attentioon to the Cubs trading Pie to the Orioles. Last year your friends were sure he was the centerfielder of the future. With Pie gone,LET THEM EAT CAKE.