Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Randomness

1. My NFL Playoff Picks:
-Can I say that I HATE these matchups for picking purposes. 2 favored rookie quarterbacks? Road favorites aplenty? Teams that are "unreliable" at best (I'm looking at you Philly, Arizona, Minny, & San Diego). I feel like a coin or a monkey with a dart or Sophie has every bit the same odds of correctly picking these games as anyone else. Anyway...
-Arizona over Atlanta
-Indy over San Diego
-Baltimore over Miami
-Horrible Team #1 (Philly) over Horrible Team #2 (Minny)

2. Today is the day I try to fix my attic. My simple goal is to not make it worse.
3. To help me, Nancy is going to take Sophie out this morning. When asked where she wanted to go, Sophie responded "Shopping." I have no chance.


Connie said...

Shopping - yep, she's an Erickson girl!

db said...

Erickson all the way! Us Erickson women do love to shop!!! :)