Saturday, March 14, 2009

catching up

we celebrated paulie's 1 week birthday last week at the park. ok, so he didn't really get to play (or even see what was going on) but sophie had a fun time. later that weekend, i took sophie out again to the park to play's what dan was up to while i was gone. let's hope this little erickson will witness a new cubs era!
i "painted" sophie's nails with washable marker and she was quite pleased.
paulie at 2 weeks. this was taken just after his dr. appt. he's now well above his birth weight. the dr.'s other comments were that he had big hands and was really strong. she could hardly get him to loosen up to check his hips.
we caved and got a double-stroller. it's actually quite nice and though a bit heavy, super easier to maneuver and store. and sophie's in love with it, you'd think we bought it for her to push pooh around in.
and finally, a big thanks to mom e. for coming to visit us this past week, for making our meals and allowing me some much needed rest!

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Michael said...

Big hands? Don't pitchers usually have big hands?