Monday, March 16, 2009

"The River Why" Movie

They are making a movie based on one of my favorite books, The River Why, by my favorite author, David James Duncan. I have the following questions/thoughts...

1. How is it I only found out about this today???????
2. When is it coming out? Neither nor the official site have a release date listed.
3. I understand this is a "low budget movie," but I sure hope this gets a theatrical release (and more importantly, actually plays here).
4. They have a surprisingly good cast put together.
5a. I am terrified of this movie. I can't imagine translating this book into a usable screenplay. I'm sure it will be shot quite beautifully, but you can't trade ideas for grandeur. With that said...
5b. I will be the first person in line to see this movie.
6. If a filmmaker wanted a real challenge, he would make The Brothers K. Although, that would be better suited to a mini-series, and that thought makes me want to wretch.

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Moldychum said...


David James Duncan actually sued the film makers and ultimately settled out of court. You can read the ins and outs of the whole affair here.

Duncan retains the rights to make his own film in the future.